Class methods


Boolean indicating whether the browser support the HTML5 History API or not.

@setup(options = {})

Setup the route events. This should be done in the application’s main controller, after the rest of the app has been loaded.

Takes the following options:

@add(path, callback)

Add a route. The path argument can either be a regex, or a string in the following format: /contacts/:id, where id is a route parameter.

When the callback function is invoked, it gets passed an object containing the appropriate route parameters.

@navigate(parts..., [options])

Navigate to the supplied relative URL. If given multiple arguments, the arguments are joined with a forward slash.

Route.navigate('/contacts', #=> /contacts/1

The last argument can be an options object. Supported options are:

Controller methods

Controllers are extended with following instance methods:


Add a set of routes. Callbacks are executed in the current context:

  "/contacts/id": -> #...
  "/contacts":    -> #...

navigate(url, [data])

Alias for Route.navigate().